About Us

Our Company

Real estate investing offers an attractive combination of capital appreciation and income potential, as well as special tax advantages. As an investment vehicle, real estate can help individuals and corporations achieve long-term financial goals. But navigating the industry can often be a challenging and daunting undertaking.

Investing successfully requires an in-depth understanding of the market’s complexities, an ability to identify and track trends, the capacity to utilize leverage effectively, and a thorough knowledge of local and regional markets. In short, it requires experience and skill – the very same that Atlantic Management Corporation has been offering its Partners for more than 50 years.

The company was formed in 1972 to provide investors with long-term capital growth through conservatively structured real estate investments. Since its inception, Atlantic Management has remained committed to achieving this goal for its Partners. Such a commitment has required the company to evolve and adapt in order to capitalize on the ever changing real estate market conditions.

This willingness to remain flexible but focused has resulted in the successful identification, acquisition and redevelopment of underperforming, mismanaged or value-added properties throughout New England – resulting in Atlantic Management currently owning and managing a portfolio of over 5 million square feet of property throughout New England.

While there are many firms in the industry today, Atlantic Management has a proven track record of excellent performance, demonstrating:

  • The expertise necessary to acquire and manage quality investment real estate.
  • A strong relationship with both the brokerage community and financial lending institutions.
  • An awareness of the market’s direction for formulating future real estate investment strategies and opportunities.
  • An entrepreneurial spirit, forever exploring new ways to construct economically sound real estate investments.
  • Our willingness and dedication to work with local cities and towns to realize benefits for the community.

Our Founders

Richard J. Trifiro 1932-1999

As Co-founder of Atlantic Management, Richard helped define the vision and cultivate the expertise of the firm. During his tenure with Atlantic Management, Richard was responsible for the development, syndication or acquisition for a number of multi-family complexes, shopping centers, industrial sites and office buildings.

Richard received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Curry College, and earned his Juris Doctorate (J.D.) and an Honorary Doctorate Degree from Suffolk University.

Richard always possessed the spirit of an entrepreneur and this was evident early in his career. He actively sought out business opportunities and was involved in start-up technology firms in the semiconductor and computer industries.

Beyond the business world, Richard was also an active philanthropist and dedicated much of his time to giving back to the community through his many years on the Town of Natick’s Service Council. Richard’s generosity has touched many lives and helped dreams come true. To this day, Richard’s legacy lives on in the “Richard J. Trifiro and Anthony G. Capobianco Foundation” – sponsored by Atlantic Management. Each year, the Foundation donates scholarships to underprivileged high school students who otherwise could not attend college without financial help. Since its inception, the foundation has awarded over forty (40) scholarships to deserving students.

Anthony G. Capobianco 1928-2017

Anthony Capobianco co-founded Atlantic Management and served as a guiding force at Atlantic Management since its inception. Throughout his career, Anthony acted as founder, syndicator and developer of several privately owned corporations and business entities including the Omni Occupational Health Corporation, and the Associated Emergency Medical Services.

Anthony received a Bachelor of Science from Tufts University and earned his Doctorate of Medicine from Georgetown Medical School. He was a member of the American Board of Surgery and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Science from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy. Anthony’s public service included many elected and non-elected town and hospital committee’s among which included Town of Natick’s Board of Health, Chairman of the Natick Comets Skating and Hockey Rink, physician for the varsity football and hockey teams (Natick and Noble & Greenough School), Chief of Hospital Staff and Chief of Surgery.

Our Management

Joseph Zink

Joseph Zink
President and Chief Executive Officer

Joseph Zink is the President and CEO of Atlantic Management. His responsibilities include, acquisition of existing product and future development opportunities. He also oversees all federal, state, and local permitting issues for the Company.

Prior to joining Atlantic Management in 1994, Joseph was with The Flatley Company for 11 years in various capacities.

Joseph holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Babson College and is active in coaching youth hockey and lacrosse. He is also involved in several charities and foundations that focus on children’s education and healthcare.

David A. Capobianco

David A. Capobianco

David Capobianco served as Chief Operating Officer and Legal Counsel for Atlantic Management from 1993 to 2023. David’s responsibilities included developing tenant strategies, tenant relationships, overseeing all legal affairs, and financing and lease negotiation oversight. As of March 2023, David remains a manager of Atlantic Management and will continue to provide oversight of company operations.

David joined Atlantic Management in 1993 after leaving his private practice of law wherein he primarily represented commercial and residential lenders and developers in the metro-west Boston area.

David holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Hobart College and earned his Juris Doctorate (J.D.) from the New England School of Law. David is also a member of the Massachusetts and Federal Bar Association. He has volunteered and participated in numerous town boards, committees and youth teams in the MA community and is a member of the Board of Trustees for Xaverian High School in Westwood, MA.

Irene T. Gruber

Irene T. Gruber
Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer


Irene Gruber serves as Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer for Atlantic Management and has been with the firm since 1989. Irene is responsible for developing and monitoring financial projections for each portfolio investment, as well as the company’s overall financial operations. In addition, she is involved in setting management policy and establishing decision-making practices of operations.

Irene earned her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Mt. Holyoke College and is a graduate of the Olin Graduate Business School at Babson College where she received her Master’s of Business Administration.

John S. Sullivan

John S. Sullivan
Senior Vice President of Development & Construction


John Sullivan serves as Senior Vice President of Development & Construction for Atlantic Management. His responsibilities include managing the overall permitting, approvals, budget, design, development and construction process for commercial, residential, medical and industrial projects in New England as well as coordinating aspects of Atlantic’s acquisition and due diligence activities.

Prior to joining Atlantic Management in 2006, John served for 20 years with Spaulding & Slye and then shortly with Jones Lang LaSalle after the acquisition of Spaulding & Slye. During this time, he most recently held the title of Senior Vice President within the Development Services Group, where he led multi-project teams for the rezoning, permitting, design and construction of projects, including the Harvard University Riverside Graduate Housing project and the North Point mixed-use development in Cambridge, Mass., as well as for technology firms and corporations throughout the United States.

John holds a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering from the Wentworth Institute of Technology and is a former member of the Board of Trustees for Matignon High School Cambridge, MA.

Kevin R. Bernier
Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel


Kevin Bernier serves as Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel for Atlantic Management. Kevin’s responsibilities include developing tenant strategies and relationships, as well as managing financing, venture, acquisition and lease negotiation and implementation. Kevin is also primarily responsible for all Atlantic’s legal matters and strategies.

Kevin joined Atlantic Management in 2023. Prior to joining Atlantic, Kevin held in-house counsel roles with Rockhill Management, overseeing legal for the company’s Boston, Virginia and California markets, The Raptor Group, where he led the legal team for an international development project, and The TJX Companies, where he focused on leasing, acquisition and development matters. Prior to moving in-house, he also worked in private practice for nearly 10 years in WilmerHale’s commercial real estate group.

Kevin holds both a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Mathematics and Juris Doctorate (J.D.) from Boston University, and is active in coaching youth basketball in Natick, MA where he lives with his family.

Our History

First Generation

Atlantic Management Corporation was incorporated in 1972 by Richard J. Trifiro and Anthony G. Capobianco with the goal of being an investment vehicle for equity partners through the acquisition, development and management of quality commercial real estate primarily in the Greater Boston area. In these early years, a variety of product types were acquired and sold via individual syndications resulting in favorable returns for Atlantic’s original investors.  Atlantic’s  slow but positive growth during the first generation’s watch resulted in a management company that began with two principles and grew to over forty-four (44) full time employees and a portfolio that by the mid 1980’s consisted of over 2500 residential units and approximately half a million sq. ft. of commercial property.

Second Generation

In 1988-89 Irene Trifiro Gruber (1984 BABSON M.B.A.) and David A. Capobianco (1983 NESL J.D.) joined Atlantic in an effort to reestablish Atlantic in the Greater Boston commercial real estate investment market.   Despite the headwinds of a depressed commercial real estate market period during the early 90’s this second generation saw opportunity and approached Atlantic’s original investors to once again invest in a very conservative contrarian approach. Atlantic began acquiring assets deeply discounted at a fraction of replacement cost. Within two (2) years, Atlantic aggressively grew its portfolio to over 1.75 million square feet of commercial space, built the management company back up and was once again was active in the commercial real estate investment market.

In 1994, Joseph L. Zink (Babson 1984/ Flatley Company 1984-1994) joined Atlantic and his impact was immediately recognized and was named President/CEO of the Company. Under Joe’s leadership, Atlantic set off in a series of re-positioning of existing assets; developing new sites; and continued acquisitions of value-added and income-producing investment opportunities for its equity Partners. With the help of his strong commercial broker network and numerous Chapter 1031 Tax Deferred exchanges (15 to date) Atlantic was able to diversify its investment risk while increasing capital growth for its Investors. During the past decade, Atlantic has additionally completed over 4 million square feet of dispositions. Additional efforts, including debt restructuring and securing new equity sources have resulted in an  unprecedented growth of Atlantic’s portfolio which now exceeds 5 million square feet.