Richard J. Trifiro and Anthony G. Capobianco Foundation

  • Zachary Whitney

    Zachary is an athlete, an Eagle Scout, a musician, and much more. He achieved great success at Holy Name Central Catholic High School and will be attending American University in the Fall of 2018.

  • Osher Shimoni

    Osher is a leader who enjoys connecting with others and sharing his passions. He achieved excellent grades at Natick High School while devoting much time to extracurricular activities and volunteer work. He will be at Bentley University in the Fall of 2018.

  • Nicole Yunes Perez

    Nikki has shown tremendous resilience and determination through her years at Natick High School. She achieved great academic success while participating in a plethora of extra-curriculars and working several jobs. She will continue her studies at UMASS Amherst in the Fall of 2018.


  • Emma McKeown

    Emma is an exceptional human being who is dedicated to serving others in her pursuit to enter the medical field. She is a distinguished graduate of Northbridge High School and will be attending Worcester State University in the Fall of 2018.

  • Emily Chalfin

    Emily maintained academic success at Natick High School while working several jobs, volunteering, and taking part in many extra-curricular activities. She will be attending UMASS Amherst in the Fall of 2018 and hopes to study political science.

  • Devon Choi

    Devon came to the United States in 2016 and has been responsible for paying all of his living expenses as his parents remain in Hong Kong. He has worked hard to meet these responsibilities while maintaining excellent grades at Natick High School. He shows grit and enthusiasm in his endeavors, and he is enrolled in Merrimack College’s accelerated Master’s program in athletic training with a Bachelor’s in exercise science.


  • Caleigh Donovan

    Caleigh is a distinguished graduate of Algonquin Regional High School. She will be at Catholic University of America in the fall of 2018.

  • DeAnna Singer

    DeAnna has shown great resilience and growth throughout her education and her high school tenure is marked by steady rigor and strong academic performances. She is kind, gregarious, organized, diligent, amicable, and open-minded. In the Fall of 2017, she will be attending George Mason University with her sights set on majoring in Criminology.

  • Brianna Thornhill

    Brianna’s education is marked by steady academic achievement, strong character, and a steadfast commitment to all her activities. She is a caring, dedicated, amicable, determined, and inquisitive person. She will be attending Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the Fall of 2017. Brianna will be majoring in architecture with the hope of becoming a licensed architect in the future.

  • Nick Casapulla

    Nick believes his academic success came from hard work and patience. He is a very social and open-minded person. He hopes these qualities will lead him to continued success at UMass Amherst where he will be a freshman in the Fall of 2017.

  • Matthew Piekarczyk

    Matthew’s academic success came in no small part from his sheer determination. He is a dedicated and perceptive student, and one who maintains a quietly positive presence in any circumstance. He will be attending the College of Holy Cross in the Fall of 2017 and hopes to be an orthopedic surgeon in the US Army.

  • Michelle Ryder

    Both an exceptional student and athlete, Michelle is recognized for her leadership skills and dedication to science. She is devoted to working where humanity and science intersect and hopes to make a positive impact in this world working as a doctor. She will be starting her studies in this pursuit at Johns Hopkins University this Fall.

  • Petromarino “Peter” Zeqo

    Peter’s high-achieving success in academics came from hard work and his leadership and cooperative skills. Peter has a respectful and open-minded personality and a determined spirit. He participated in Robotics for most of hist high school career, making it as far as the FTC Worlds Competition. Peter will be attending Northeastern University in the Fall of 2017 with the hope of pursuing a dual major in computer engineering and computer science.

  • James Trottier

    James is a remarkably proficient learner whose academic success comes in no small part from his diligence and persistence. Jmes has a well-balanced outlook, a devotion to his responsibilities, and an amicable personality. James is looking forward to starting his college career at UMASS Amherst this Fall.

  • Eunice Dollete

    Eunice achieved tremendous Academic success through high school while maintaining a well-balanced perspective and an independent spirit. She has a caring personality and strong sense of integrity. She will be pursuing political science at Clark University in the Fall of 2017 with the hope of heading toward a future in international relations and/or law.

  • Camden D. Brannon

    Camden D. Brannon
    To major in accounting with direction for FBI position; a hard worker, goes about quietly, but always directed; has accomplished a great deal of community and church volunteer work, and has demonstrated management skills and cooperation with fellow workers as a cook and server at Papa Ginos. Participated in volleyball and football grades 10-12. Will attend Westfield State University.
    G.P.A.: 3.70/4.0
    SAT: 1700

  • Timothy Power

    Timothy Power
    To major in management; National Honor recipient grades 10-12; Has incredible work ethic and perseverance; displays creativity and dedication to studies; participated in a number of organizations in the community, in particular the food pantry in Southbridge, Massachusetts; lifeguard at Southbridge YMCA; has participated in a variety of athletics throughout high school; varsity basketball, soccer, track and football. Will attend Bridgewater State University.
    G.P.A.: 3.42/4.0
    SAT: 1600

  • Cameron Costello

    Cameron Costello
    Will major in music; a most thoughtful, modest and generous individual; energetic, unwavering enthusiasm for study and activities outside the classroom; drives for excellence and genuinely eager to learn; National Honor recipient; National Mathematics Honor Society; National Science Honor Society among many others; Honors in jazz and wind ensemble, trumpet and trombone; major instrument classical piano, bass vocal soloist; volunteers in many community services. Will attend Ithaca University.
    G.P.A.: 3.75/4.0
    SAT: 2080

  • Julia Broderick

    Julia Broderick
    Seeking a major in psychology; dedicated, hard-working; strong communication skills; team leader; accommodates the needs of others, achieved high honor roll 2012-2016; childcare provider, dance teacher, ballet, choreographer, volunteer at many community organizations especially involving children; CPR certified; computer literate; working knowledge of French. Will attend Lewis Clark University, Portland, Oregon.
    G.P.A.: 4.27/4.0
    SAT: 1870

  • Zoey Gifford

    Zoey Gifford
    Seeking a B.A. in nursing. National Honor recipient, quick leaner, eager to learn and follow directions, team player extraordinaire; responsible and reliable; professional communicator; energetic, self-motivated; organized. Captain of volleyball team-member Division I; all-state volleyball team, MVP varsity basketball; 2015 Concert Tournament; Hundreds of hours of community work; CPR certified; computer literate. Will attend Endicott College.
    G.P.A.: 4.08/4.0
    SAT: 1710

Richard J. Triforo

“I want to fulfill my dream of studying Biology and become a medical doctor.”

– Kimberly, Boston English High School
Will Attend Brandeis University


Helping young adults open doors to a brighter future… This is what Richard J. Trifiro was passionate about. It is what motivated him to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged youths by “returning to society,” in part, what he was fortunate enough to acquire in life.

Richard was an extraordinary person. He extended his goodwill to everyone he encountered and was especially dedicated to helping underserved populations of students extend their educations through need-based scholarships. Richard mentored, guided, and supported many students he met through his charitable activities, forming lasting relationships with each. Without question, he came to count every student he helped in life as a member of his family.

In 2000, Atlantic Management, under the direction and management of Anthony G. Capobianco, co-founder of Atlantic Management, founded The Richard J. Trifiro Foundation to honor Richard and carry on his philanthropic mission. The foundation’s goal is to make higher education available to high school seniors who may need financial assistance to attend or remain in college. Scholarship recipients have successfully completed undergraduate degree programs at some of the country’s finest institutions of higher education, including Brown University, University of Connecticut, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and Wentworth Institute of Technology.

From 2000 through 2016, Anthony guided the Foundation from an idea to its present robust state. It has awarded hundreds of scholarships, all in loving memory of our dear friend Richard. From 2017 and beyond, scholarships will be awarded in memory of both Richard and Anthony, as the Foundation will continue to grow under the name of the Richard J. Trifiro and Anthony G. Capobianco Foundation.

Atlantic Management is grateful for the support of many devoted contributors who continue to help make Richard’s vision a reality and honor Anthony’s dedicated work. Donations to the Richard J. Trifiro and Anthony G. Capobianco Foundation serve to honor the legacies of these two extraordinary men while benefiting many deserving young people. Please contact Atlantic Management for more detailed information.

Testimonial Videos Honoring Richard & Anthony