Richard Trifiro Foundation

  • Camden D. Brannon

    Camden D. Brannon
    To major in accounting with direction for FBI position; a hard worker, goes about quietly, but always directed; has accomplished a great deal of community and church volunteer work, and has demonstrated management skills and cooperation with fellow workers as a cook and server at Papa Ginos. Participated in volleyball and football grades 10-12. Will attend Westfield State University.
    G.P.A.: 3.70/4.0
    SAT: 1700

  • Timothy Power

    Timothy Power
    To major in management; National Honor recipient grades 10-12; Has incredible work ethic and perseverance; displays creativity and dedication to studies; participated in a number of organizations in the community, in particular the food pantry in Southbridge, Massachusetts; lifeguard at Southbridge YMCA; has participated in a variety of athletics throughout high school; varsity basketball, soccer, track and football. Will attend Bridgewater State University.
    G.P.A.: 3.42/4.0
    SAT: 1600

  • Cameron Costello

    Cameron Costello
    Will major in music; a most thoughtful, modest and generous individual; energetic, unwavering enthusiasm for study and activities outside the classroom; drives for excellence and genuinely eager to learn; National Honor recipient; National Mathematics Honor Society; National Science Honor Society among many others; Honors in jazz and wind ensemble, trumpet and trombone; major instrument classical piano, bass vocal soloist; volunteers in many community services. Will attend Ithaca University.
    G.P.A.: 3.75/4.0
    SAT: 2080

  • Julia Broderick

    Julia Broderick
    Seeking a major in psychology; dedicated, hard-working; strong communication skills; team leader; accommodates the needs of others, achieved high honor roll 2012-2016; childcare provider, dance teacher, ballet, choreographer, volunteer at many community organizations especially involving children; CPR certified; computer literate; working knowledge of French. Will attend Lewis Clark University, Portland, Oregon.
    G.P.A.: 4.27/4.0
    SAT: 1870

  • Zoey Gifford

    Zoey Gifford
    Seeking a B.A. in nursing. National Honor recipient, quick leaner, eager to learn and follow directions, team player extraordinaire; responsible and reliable; professional communicator; energetic, self-motivated; organized. Captain of volleyball team-member Division I; all-state volleyball team, MVP varsity basketball; 2015 Concert Tournament; Hundreds of hours of community work; CPR certified; computer literate. Will attend Endicott College.
    G.P.A.: 4.08/4.0
    SAT: 1710

  • Kiana Harper

    Kiana Harper
    Interested in a business career; National Honor recipient; humble and “thankful for what she has”; a driven student with leadership experience in a variety of organizations; problem solver; artist; poet; adaptable; proficient in creative thinking, sound knowledge in computer navigation. Will attend University of Massachusetts, Amherst.
    G.P.A.: 3.73 / 4.0
    SAT: 1680

  • Jamie Raye Swartwout – Algonquin Regional High School

    Jamie Raye Swartwout
    Writer of short stories and experiments with styles of prose, Goal is to teach and combine her talents in critical thinking and communication, Naturally gifted in ceramics and a leader in youth group discussions including novels, themes and character, Will attend Framingham State University
    GPA: 3.154 / 4.0
    SAT: 1710 / 2400

  • Mathew Myslinski – Holy Name Central High School (Worcester, MA)

    Mathew Myslinski
    National Honor Society, Highest praise from teachers at high school for academic achievement and intellectually gifted, Cross Country runner and introduced volleyball to his high school, Mat’s favorite is Mock Trial in which he has excelled, Plans to major in American History or Political Science, Will attend College of the Holy Cross
    GPA: 3.28 / 4.0
    SAT: 2250 / 2400

  • Joseph M. Bourque – Franklin High School

    Joseph M. Borque
    Outstanding student athlete in hockey and lacrosse with passion for hard work and always keeps studying the highest priority, Outgoing personality and work ethic, instills confidence and leadership, Participated in many community service and activities, theater production and student council representative, Will attend University of New Hampshire
    GPA: 3.446 / 4.0
    SAT: 1520 / 2400

  • Jessica Federico Grome – Natick High School

    Jessica Federico Grome
    National Honor Society, Passion for helping others, determined and well organized student, Interested in biology major with medical school aspirations, Received honors every term in high school, Volunteer in New Orleans – Katrina victims, President of Youth Philanthropy, Will attend Syracuse University
    GPA: 4.225 / 4.0
    SAT: 1880 / 2400

  • Conor Ward – Natick High School

    Conor Ward
    National Honor Society – recognized for academic and volunteering achievements, Tutored children in Natick Public Schools, Cornerback Varsity Football – Division Champions and State Finalists grade 10, Math League Competition – invited to Harvard, MIT, WPI competitions, Many community service projects – i.e. New Orleans, Staten Island, Will attend University of Massachusetts Amherst
    GPA: 4.17 / 4.0
    SAT: 2170 / 2400

  • Joseph A. Zonghi – Natick High School

    Joseph A. Zonghi
    National Honor Society, Interested in computer engineering career, Earned two IT licenses while in high school, Member of Business Professionals of America – qualified to compete in National competition, Administrative Leader in First FTC Robotics – State Champions, Great enthusiasm for learning and working with people, Will attend Rochester Institute of Technology
    GPA – 4.375 / 4.0
    SAT – 2110 / 2400

  • Ariel Thompson – Northboro Algonquin Regional High School

    Ariel Thompson
    National Honor Society, Well rounded, determined and mature for her age, Enjoys all Science courses, Fully dedicated Girl Scout, Interested in Chemical Engineering, Will attend Loyola University
    GPA – 3.77

  • Kiska Kalra – Natick High School

    Kiska Kalra
    Straight A student all 4 years of high school. Fully Dedicated to academic excellence. Accomplished athlete and dancer. Interested in Biology and Pre-Med. Will attend Middlebury College.
    GPA: 4.623

  • Waseem Hassani – Natick High School

    Waseem Hassani
    National Honor Society – in top 2% of his class. Took mostly AP courses. Musician and athlete. Interested in pursuing a career in Chemical Engineering. Will attend Northeastern University.
    GPA: 4.382

  • Rachel Guilfoil – Natick High School

    Rachel Guilfoil
    National Honor Society – Junior & Senior year. Consistent High Honor student. Interested in Landscape Architecture. Will attend The University of Massachusetts Amherst.
    GPA: 4.098

  • Michael Knittle – Worcester Holy Name High School

    Michael Knittle
    Consistently High Performing student. Gifted in Mathematics. Interested in a career in Journalism. Will attend The University of Massachusetts Amherst.
    GPA: 3.5

  • Brittany Driscoll – Holy Name High School – Worcester, MA

    Brittany Driscoll
    US Naval Sea Cadet. Student Explorer at the Oxford, MA Fire Department. National Honor Society. Member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary. Certified Vessel Examiner. Member of many volunteer organizations and a born leader. Will attend Mass Maritime Academy in Bourne, MA.
    GPA: 3.73

  • Conor Donovan – Algonquin Regional High School – Northborough, MA

    Conor Donovan
    Member of Tri-M Honor Society. Church Cantor. Chamber and Concert Choir.
    Will attend College of Saint Rose in Albany, N.Y.
    GPA: 3.48

    Connor “Music feeds the soul of emotion”

  • Eric Nguyen – Natick High School

    Eric Nguyen
    Regularly on High Honor Roll. From no experience with the English language to fluent to spoken English in 4 years at high school. Goal to be a pharmacist at Mass. General Hospital/ Will attend Mass. College of Pharmacy.
    GPA: 3.65

Richard J. Triforo

“I want to fulfill my dream of studying Biology and become a medical doctor.”

– Kimberly, Boston English High School
Will Attend Brandeis University


Helping young adults open doors to a brighter future… This is what Richard J. Trifiro was passionate about. It is what motivated him to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged youths by “returning to society,” in part, what he was fortunate enough to acquire in life.

Richard was an extraordinary person. He extended his goodwill to everyone he encountered and was especially dedicated to helping underserved populations of students extend their educations through need-based scholarships. Richard mentored, guided, and supported many students he met through his charitable activities, forming lasting relationships with each. Without question, he came to count every student he helped in life as a member of his family.

In 2000, Atlantic Management, under the direction and management of Anthony G. Capobianco, co-founder of Atlantic Management, founded The Richard J. Trifiro Foundation to honor Richard and carry on his philanthropic mission. The foundation’s goal is to make higher education available to high school seniors who may need financial assistance to attend or remain in college. Scholarship recipients have successfully completed undergraduate degree programs at some of the country’s finest institutions of higher education, including Brown University, University of Connecticut, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and Wentworth Institute of Technology.

From 2000 through 2016, Anthony guided the Foundation from the idea stage to its present robust state. It has awarded more than 118 scholarships totaling approximately $253,000, all in loving memory of our dear friend Richard. In 2017 and beyond, the Foundation will continue to grow and bestow support to students in need, working under the name of The Richard J. Trifiro and Anthony G. Capobianco Foundation, in loving memory of our two dear friends and founders.

Atlantic Management is grateful for the support of many devoted contributors who continue to help make Richard’s vision a reality and honor Anthony’s dedicated work. Donations to the Richard J. Trifiro and Anthony G. Capobianco Foundation serve to honor the legacies of these two extraordinary men while benefitting many deserving young people. Please contact Atlantic Management for more detailed information.