Our History

First Generation

Atlantic Management Corporation was incorporated in 1972 by Richard J. Trifiro and Anthony G. Capobianco with the goal of being an investment vehicle for equity partners through the acquisition, development and management of quality commercial real estate primarily in the Greater Boston area. In these early years, a variety of product types were acquired and sold via individual syndications resulting in favorable returns for Atlantic’s original investors.  Atlantic’s  slow but positive growth during the first generation’s watch resulted in a management company that began with two principles and grew to over forty-four (44) full time employees and a portfolio that by the mid 1980’s consisted of over 2500 residential units and approximately half a million sq. ft. of commercial property. Many of the original investors continued to reinvest with Atlantic and their returns grew as the company did also. In 1985, changes in the Tax Code coupled with an exploding real estate market, Atlantic’s First Generation principles began receiving unsolicited offers 2-3 time replacement cost for its sites resulting in the company becoming a sellers. Within the next eighteen months, Atlantic sold all of its residential portfolio and most of its commercial portfolio resulting in substantial profits to its original investors.

Second Generation

In 1988-89 Irene Trifiro Gruber (1984 BABSON M.B.A.) and David A. Capobianco (1983 NESL J.D.) joined Atlantic in an effort to reestablish Atlantic in the Greater Boston commercial real estate investment market.   Despite the headwinds of a depressed commercial real estate market period during the early 90’s this second generation saw opportunity and approached Atlantic’s original investors to once again invest in a very conservative contrarian approach. Atlantic began acquiring assets deeply discounted at a fraction of replacement cost with in place cash flows that easily supported 50% debt. Within two (2) years, Atlantic aggressively grew its portfolio to over 1.75 million square feet of commercial space, built the management company back up and was once again was active in the commercial real estate investment market.

In 1994, Joseph L. Zink (Babson 1984/ Flatley Company 1984-1994) joined Atlantic and his impact was immediately recognized and was named President/CEO of the Company. Under Joe’s leadership, Atlantic set off in a series of re-positioning of existing assets; developing new sites; and continued acquisitions of value-added and income-producing investment opportunities for its equity Partners. With the help of his strong commercial broker network and numerous Chapter 1031 Tax Deferred exchanges (13 to date) Atlantic was able to diversify its investment risk while increasing capital growth for its Investors. During the past decade, Atlantic has additionally completed over 3 million square feet of dispositions. Additional efforts, including debt restructuring and securing new equity sources have resulted in an  unprecedented growth of Atlantic’s portfolio which now exceeds 6.5 million square feet.