Our Company

Real estate investing offers an attractive combination of capital appreciation and income potential, as well as special tax advantages. As an investment vehicle, real estate can help individuals and corporations achieve long-term financial goals. But navigating the industry can often be a challenging and daunting undertaking.

Investing successfully requires an in-depth understanding of the market’s complexities, an ability to identify and track trends, the capacity to utilize leverage effectively, and a thorough knowledge of local and regional markets. In short, it requires experience and skill – the very same that Atlantic Management Corporation has been offering its Partners for more than 40 years.

The company was formed in 1972 to provide investors with long-term capital growth through conservatively structured real estate investments. Since its inception, Atlantic Management has remained committed to achieving this goal for its Partners. Such a commitment has required the company to evolve and adapt in order to capitalize on the ever changing real estate market conditions.

This willingness to remain flexible but focused has resulted in the successful identification, acquisition and redevelopment of underperforming, mismanaged or value-added properties throughout New England – resulting in Atlantic Management currently owning and managing a portfolio of over 5 million square feet of property throughout New England.

While there are many firms in the industry today, Atlantic Management has a proven track record of excellent performance, demonstrating:

  • The expertise necessary to acquire and manage quality investment real estate
  • A strong relationship with both the Brokerage Community and Financial Lending Institutions
  • An awareness of the market’s direction for formulating future real estate investment strategies and opportunities
  • An entrepreneurial spirit, forever exploring new ways to construct economically sound real estate investments.